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released September 21, 2012



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Beyond Our Eyes Texas

Beyond Our Eyes is the alias of solo-musician Zach Norman; composing and producing progressive metal music since 2008.

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Track Name: Hello Again, Dearest Friend
Now I see the truth,
That I have always known.
Buried deep within the memories of you,
Lies a place I once called home.

As I retrace my steps
I uncover a secret I had wished to forget
Aside from all the mistakes I regret
I get the sensation that it’s not over yet

Hello again, my dearest friend.
(My dearest friend)
Hello again, I hope this won’t end.
(When we’ve yet to begin)

Tomorrow is uncertain.
(I can’t assure you that this will last)
What lies behind the curtain?
(But I’ll give it my all and nothing less)

I refuse to let this fear overshadow me.
Trust me when I say that we will find a way,
To set us free.

We will find a way.
Track Name: Truth Seeker
Constantly searching for something that cannot be found.
Hallucinations that tie my feet to the ground.
Please take my hand and guide me away from myself.
I've been trapped within the shadows of my own heart.

It only gets harder with every step (with every breath).
I'm losing focus.
I can't forget my purpose.
The feeling's never-ending.
Keeping me away from the life that I was meant to live.

This is not where I belong.
Bound within a reality that doesn't exist.
So surreal, yet your voice drags me deeper into my own grave.

These straps that keep me sane can only stretch so far.
I won’t let my deepest desires leave me stranded in the dark.

Your voice still haunts me, but I won’t be deceived by your lies again.
I will leave this tale behind and find a new story to begin.

I will live on.
Track Name: Monument
It seems so hard to move forward when we’re always a step behind.
Will I know what it means to just let go?

Paint me a picture with the tears of the sky.
Indulge me with knowledge beyond my own eyes.
Show me the way to restore my pride,
And silence the fears that consume me inside.

This is more than a symbol of hope;
This is a monument to our lives,
To remind us that we all have purpose.
We just have to find it for ourselves.

And you can’t expect all of the answers,
To appear right in front of you.
This is not the way to salvation.
This is not the way to live.
You’re only hurting yourself in the end.

There’s no easy way out of every problem.
The better things in life always come with a price to pay.
Feel free to tell me I’m wrong;
See where it gets you in the long run.
You won’t ever be at peace with yourself.
You’ll be wishing it was over and done.

But I’m here to guide you towards the light.

I know there is hope waiting on the other side.
Just put your trust in me; your faith in me,
And leave it all behind.

The first step is always the hardest,
When it’s so easy to turn away.
But what do you have to lose?
Don’t put your life on delay.
Just let go.
Track Name: The Journey
Don’t look back now, but I’m falling away; drifting astray.
Will you be here in the end?
Don’t you cry, I can promise you it’ll be over soon;
You’ll never see my face again.

Never have I felt so out of place and all alone.
I doubt I’ll ever find a shelter quite like home.
This journey will be the death of me,
Or is there something more that I can’t see?
Is this the end or a new beginning?

Will I ever find my way?
I’m slowly but surely losing my faith.
Your love/image I could never replace.
I need some sort of escape.

I’ve come too far to be denied.
I won’t settle for less than what I deserve.
I’ll do whatever it takes to survive.
(I won’t be denied)

I will push on with everything that I am.
I will carve through the Earth with my own bare hands.
My destination lies just ahead.
I can’t give up; not until I’m dead.

I refuse to turn away, not until I know that there is nothing left.
So don’t turn your back on me.

Don’t you fret my friend, we will meet again; we will love again.
Track Name: Dreamer
As I sleep,
My dreams reveal a not-so-distant state of harmony,
In a world that I create.
Becoming lost within my own mind,
I feel I’ve left a part of me behind.

I can’t seem to escape the lines I’ve drawn for myself,
Driving me towards the point of insanity.
I want nothing more than to awake from this beautiful nightmare.

Dreamer, close your eyes; open your mind.
Track Name: This Calling
I walk alone, yet I am not on my own.
Your guidance reveals my sanctuary.

I face a reality of endless conflict.
My sanity; torn by opposing forces.
Evolving into my darkest nightmare.
Yet your spark keeps me alive.
(I am alive)

There’s no promise the direction we choose will lead to freedom,
But I know that believing in something is better than nothing.

And I will never forget the strength you’ve given me.
No amount of words could ever explain the way you set me free.

This is what I live for.
This is my calling.

Who we are is found within ourselves.
Just close your eyes and listen to your heart.
Can you hear it?
We all have the means to surpass our own potential.
Leave your doubts at the door and find a reason worth fighting for.
Track Name: Into The Horizon
I’m finally awake.
Eyes wide open to a new light; a life I’ve never known.
Here I stand, ready to forget and start again,
From the shore into the horizon.

The wealth of the world lies within our love for one another.
Tranquility throughout the ages.
So here we are, rising up together as one.
Society maybe broken, but we shall overcome.

The bond of understanding shines so brightly,
Breaking through the blackened skies.

Within every heart,
Lies a burning desire to find a way to set things right.
Hope never dies.
We choose for ourselves to survive or face our demise.

So think about the blood that’s been shed.
This is not how we repay the dead.
Humanity was meant for more than this.
So here we are, rising up together as one.
Society maybe broken, but we shall overcome.
Track Name: Tormented
I try to follow the stars,
But they always lead me further into the dark.
Have my efforts gone to waste?

I tend to follow my heart
But it always puts me back to the start.
Will I ever know what it means to belong?

These questions play like a broken record in my head.
Never knowing what it’s like to have all the answers.
It’s times like these that I’d rather be dead.
Cut the ties that bind and learn peace.

Is this how the story ends, or how it begins?
Uncertainty is my biggest foe; I won’t rest until I know.
I will live the life I choose; I can’t go on with nothing to lose.

I don’t deserve this.

All the days gone by, and I have yet to find you.
Running in the circle of life; such a waste of time with no one to call my own (with no one like you).

I don’t deserve this;
Where is my forgiveness?
Track Name: Development
The black of the night is closing in,
But the sun only sets to rise again.
A continuous development,
My war against the elements.
I have only just begun.
Our life is far from done.

It's hard to see the light when you're surrounded by the dark,
Yet the force that brought me here was that of my own heart.
A subtle feeling that I cannot ignore.
The answers I seek lie beyond the shore.

I have chosen my path, and there’s no turning back.

The longer I carry on, I know that I'm one step closer to you.
The moment your hands meet mine, I'll know where my heart belongs.

My struggle won’t end ‘til you’re in my arms again.

The day I give in is the day that I die.
I refuse to rest ‘til I’m by your side.
The concept of “fate” was always a lie.
Our future is for us to decide.
We have only just begun.
Our life is far from done.

Shelter your faith.
Don’t be led astray.
This life is ours.
We’ll find a way.
Track Name: Sanctuary
The moonlight caresses my senses.
A feeling undefined.
The waves; they carry my body.
Gentle hands obsolving me of all my guilt.
Take me away.